Ready to Give Kegel a try?


Exercise your V and enjoy!

You've probably heard about Kegel exercises. They focus on strengthening your pelvic floor muscles and give you more control over them. Just as you do with any other muscle in your body.


These exercises are important for several reasons, from treating urinary incontinence to making sex better. Several scientists and Arnold Kegel himself report easier, more frequent and more intense orgasms in women who do them. Aren’t those magic words?


To make it even better, you can be doing absolutely anything at the same time as you exercise: reading, commuting, having a coffee and catching up with a friend, watching Netflix, pretty much anything.


If you’ve never done this before, start by finding your pelvic floor muscles. Remember the ones you use when you have to pee and need to hold it in? Those are the ones we're looking for!


If you can't find them yet, go to the toilet and, while you're peeing, try to stop the flow in the middle of it all. There you go!


Let's exercise those muscles now!

1.    Tighten your pelvic floor for three seconds and then let it go completely for another three seconds. Repeat this five times.

2.    Now do the same but hold it for 10 seconds and let go for another 10. Repeat five times.

3.    When you go pee, try to stop your urination flow completely mid-way. Once you completely stopped it, let go and finish peeing. It might feel a bit like torture but it will come more and more easily as you strengthen those muscles.


Start doing these exercises once a day and see how you improve. You will notice a difference in your sex life within about three months or less. Give it a try!


Got other exercises like these? Don’t hold it in and tell us about them on the comment section or write to me through the contact page. Happy sexercising!