It all started when...

I was a little girl going into puberty. I had just found out what sex was and was utterly and completely disgusted. Guácala!

However, I wasn't blind. I was looking at the world with new eyes and realised everything was about sex - movies, music videos, advertising, jokes... It was clear that I would have sex some day and, when it happened, I was going to be freaking good at it!

So, as the curious geek I was, I decided I needed to do some serious research.

I went to the school library, public libraries, my parents' books, magazines, anything I could put my hands on! (no, Google wasn't a thing back then)

Everything I deemed important, I collected and copied into little red notebook. I wrote down all the details that would help me actually know what to do when I finally had sex: from how to kiss, to what to do with my hands, to blowjob techniques, anatomy... you name it!

This research went on for a few years, until I had my first boyfriend and gosh it was useful! I tried everything in my notebook, made notes and had a blast!

Life went on and I forgot about it - not to worry, I hid it well so no one could ever find it.

Cleaning my room one day, I found it and burst into laughter while simultaneously amazed myself at some of the tips in there. I had to give some things another try and had to add so much more to it!

I decided such a treasure can't just collect dust on a book shelf. I created this space to share my findings and hope to help others who have the curiosity and will to experiment I had when I was a teenager. And who knows, even if you're a sex veteran you might find useful tips and tricks in here ;)

I would also love to hear your tricks and your stories! Don't be shy!