The old in-and-out

You´d think that instinct guides the most primal of our actions. If we are about to fall, we know we should stick out our hands out for the landing; if we…


So you´d think, or so did I, that instinct would kick in when we have sex. Bodies pull closer together, we feel the urge to move our hips a bit, it feels quite natural. Of course, this is not as clear when you do it for the first time, and boy do we know some funny stories. Well, here´s one.


A friend of a friend had her first boyfriend when she was about 15 years old. Keep in mind we´re talking about a fairly traditional, catholic environment. They were together for quite a while, so they decided to experiment and try out that thing called sex. And, believe it or not, for the whole last year of their relationship, they had sex as they understood it: the old in & out.


But it was literally once IN and once OUT! Once, that was it! Can you imagine this torture? How did their bodies not compel them to keep going as they should have?


If you´re like me, you´re wondering how long sex went on like this. Well, for about a year. Then they broke up and got to actually have sex until they each had another boyfriend/girlfriend.


What did we learn with this story? It´s good to educate yourself and watch some graphic, classic porn! If either of them had seen anything at all, they would have known that there was more to sex than a simple in-and-out.


Can´t avoid looking at it more seriously and thinking about how social taboos affect our actions, even to the point of turning off our instinct to do the most primal and natural of things: have sex.