One more time, perhaps?

We assume our instincts guide many of our actions. And the more primal our actions, the more we feel like things come naturally to us, like eating, breathing and generally moving. However, there are stories that challenge this idea and highlight some weird situations that highlight how weird we humans are.

A friend of a friend had her first boyfriend when she was about 15 years old. Keep in mind we're talking about a conservative, catholic environment here, fill of social taboos and don'ts. These two were together for years, holding hands, kissing and making out... you know how it goes.

Little by little, they started to have sex... or so they thought.

Years later, when each of them were in other relationships, they realised they had been doing something not entirely right. You see, for them, sex was all about the in & out. Problem is, this was all they knew, that sex was “in and out”. Every time they “had sex”, they literally did a one in and a one out, and that was it!

Can you imagine this torture!? How did they even stop themselves from keeping it at one? How did their bodies not compel them naturally to keep on going? I'm worried, how blue were those balls!?

For me, this highlights how important it is to be curious and do whatever it takes to satiate that curiosity: search for info, read, watch porn, talk to your friends, experiment, educate yourself about sex as you do with other things!

If either of these two had seen any porn at all, they would have known that there was more to sex than a simple in-and-out. I’m not saying porn should be your main source, but aren’t you curious to even see what it’s about?

More than that, what does this story say about society? It’s incredible how social taboos affect our actions, even to the point of turning off our instinct to do the most natural of things to survive as a species on this planet.

Got any stories like this one? I bet you have a friend of a friend's story. Don't be shy!